Hand-carved Candles & Christmas Store

A one-woman owned and operated business.

Seeing is believing and you must see Marian Oney as she dips and swirls, dyes and dries the most wonderful candle creations. From hand poured star shaped core candles,Marion starts her work. Marian mixes the colors as she builds up warm layers of wax.Marion dips the core into white wax. Between 40 and 60 repetitions form the medium from which she sculpts these marlevous candles. Taught 9 years ago by a master candlemaker, Marian keeps alive an ancient German art craft. The skill and speed with which she works is amazing.Marion begins to carve the candle. She must carve and place the entire work within 10 minutes or the wax will lose its flexibility and begin to harden. Marion builds the candles layers.

The work is then dipped in an acrylic finish to seal the wax and make the candle washable in cool mild soapy water.The finished candle is dipped in acrylic. Once you have developed your "burn in" of about 2", you place votive candles in the center and your Hand-carved candle can be used for years to come.

Shown are the 4 basic sizes, plus standard 12" tapers. 4 basic candles sizes shown. While Marian offers many currently popular color combinations, custom colors are a speciality of the house. Send your color swatches for that wedding, anniversary, birthday, open house, reunion, holiday get together or just your favorite schemes from around the house, and Marian will be glad to match your colors for that uniquely added decor accent. Nothing adds atmosphere to a room or party like the flickering presence of candles. The 3 most popular patterns are the Bow, the Butterfly, and woven. However, special decoration for your occasion maybe added such as angels, Logos, and themes. 50th Anniversary candleContact Marian for complete details and pricing.
Cactus Jack CandleMarian also makes specialty candles like "Cactus Jack"! and BUNNIES!Fun gifts for Easter, spring or any occasion.

The Texas Blue Bonnet is one of Marion's most requested candles. Click on the Coffee MUG and go to Tootsie's order form. FAST and Easy ordering!! Available in all sizes. You can order just one or 250! Tootsie's has the facility to fill your order! CALL today and ask about currently available stock. Shipping and handling via UPS or US Mail, lowest cost, is charged at actual cost.

Friendly, down home service is the policy at Tootsie's. If you call, she answers the phone! NO menus! She also accept most major cards includingVisa, Mastercard, AMEX and Nova/Discover cards. Tootsie invites you to tour here in Historic Jefferson, Texas. Stop on by and watch me make the candles, WHILE YOU WAIT or place your order and stop back on the way home. IT'S THAT CONVENIENT! Our regular store hours are 10 am to 5 p.m. EVERYDAY!
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Jefferson, Texas 75657



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